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Restaurant > Royal Concourse

Cuisines: Western, Others, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, Chinese

There is a wide range of food choice from meat to veggies to desserts. A lot to indulge just be careful you might be risking your own health once you see the crabs served and the overflowing 'nilagang baka'. You can't help but eat...

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Restaurant > Port Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines: Western, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, Chinese

A bountiful spread of over 40 dishes include 9 appetizers, 9 salads, 13 main courses, 9 desserts, soup, rice and more! Port's lunch and dinner buffets are truly mouth-watering. Diners enjoy the variety of tastes. It is definitely ...

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Delivery > Rico's Lechons

Cuisines: Filipino

Here at Rico's Lechon, we proudly serve what cebuanos would want for their lechon. Cooked with precision and served with perfection. The original Rico's Lechon, which is located in Highway 77, Talamban Cebu City has been in this l...

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It's time to expand your horizons and give your taste buds a different kind of gastronomical delight. If you're looking to try something outside your comfort zone then Miga which is located in Lahug, is the place for you. Miga, th...

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Bakery/Dessert > La Marea

Cuisines: Others

THERE is a story to tell about how a careless pixie forgot to put baking powder into a chocolate cake mix. the happy result was the fudgeylicious, gooey brownie. Not just any brownie, La Marea's brownie cup is every chocoholic's d...

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Kiosk/Stall > TONG EAT'S Pandan Paradise

Cuisines: Singaporean, Filipino

TONG EAT'S Pandan Paradise is a Food paradise which specialize mainly fusion of Singaporean and Filipino Food with Pandan as the main focus. Tong Eats Pandan Paradise is the First Food Establishment in Cebu which serve great asia...

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Restaurant > Red Kimono

Cuisines: Japanese

What sets Red Kimono apart from our competitors is our modern and unconventional approach to Japanese cooking while remaining loyal to traditional elements of the cuisine. Ingredients are tweaked in order to create innovative dish...

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One of the best Lechon baboy in Cebu. Yuani's lechon for your party needs, crunchy and very yummy! No msg added, good for your health...Try it now!!!...

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Cafe > Berenice cafe & BURGERS

Cuisines: Western, Thai, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, European, Australian

Small cafe that offers All day breakfast fusion of Asian, American & European, gourmet burgers and pizzas. Lunch and dinner set menus and appetizers. Located just in-front of Tex-Mex and Lapu Lapu cottages and beside the new b...

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Bar > Jazz n Bluz

Cuisines: Western, Italian, European

Music Bar Live Bands...

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