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Lola Saling's Seafoods

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M.L. Quezon Ave., Casuntingan, Mandaue City
(032) 343-8634
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Fish Tinola, Grilled Fish, Squid, Tangigue, Green Caviar (Lato), Lechon Native Chicken
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4.1 out of 5 based on 2 reviews / 7 votes
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Here you can order, Fish Tinola, Grilled Fish, Squid, Tangigue (Spanish Mackerel) Green Caviar (Lato) Lechon Native Chicken. "I love the surroundings with so many herbs planted. You can have the fresh pepper (siling kulikot) Basil Leaves, Sangig, Tanglad(Lemon Grass) Parsely and many more herbs." - whologwhy

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March 29, 2012

I and my girlfriend came to this place before going airport. There were a lot of sea foods to choose from, some of them still alive and fresh waiting to be cooked. They have this "payag2x" and some really nice herbs around. There was also a live band performance. It was still around 5pm so the place wasn't too crowded. With regards to the food, it was good.

Visited November 2011
this cozy restaurant has its "close-to-nature" theme, with herbs and spices planted on the sides and birds chirping - it felt like someone played an instrumental music in the open air.. though the food were a little bit up on prices, to level up other grill and seafood houses' prices, we decided to take our lunch there..we stayed at one of their little "payag" houses while waiting for our food..we ordered kalderetang baboy, pork sisig with egg (placed on a sizzling plate), and sizzling tangigue.. when the food were served, we all took our chances..no traces of the food were left on the plates after we all finished eating - not just to describe how satisfactory the food were but also how starved we are..

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