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Golden Cowrie Restaurant

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  • Filipino
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
233-4243 / 233-4670 / 236-5740 / 236-1206
Sm City Cebu, Mactan Marina Mall, Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Hukad sa Golden Cowrie (The Terraces, Ayala)
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Sinigang, Tinola, Baked Tahong, Crispy Pata, Crispy Kare-Kare, Cripy Dinuguan
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4.4 out of 5 based on 10 reviews / 14 votes
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I would recommend this restaurant for their delicious native cuisine. Cus milf porn tomer service is outstanding. Purely Filipino food like sinigang and tinola and baked tahong as their specialties. The one thing that catches my attention and I think it's awesome, are the ladies carrying around a rice pot asking us if we need more plain rice on our plate. I have seen non-Filipino restaurants in other countries with a cart of food going around, but this restaurants' concept is something different. A very convenient place to have lunch and dinner. Very homey. If you happen to be in Cebu, drop by Golden Cowrie Restaurant and experience the truly Filipino hospitality.

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Reviewed by keith.alvizo

February 10, 2013

I have been living in cebu since 2007 and it was only in 2012 that we tried eating at golden cowrie.. first menu we tried, crispy kare-kare, scallops and their bangus. Food was great one of the best here in cebu but what impressed me is the service, affordable dining with 5-star hotel-like service, from greeting you at the door, bringing you to your table, serving food and follow-ups on anything else you might need, my son dropped his fork and 2-3 crew of golden cowrie came rushing for a replacement fork. Smiles and greetings are constant before eating, during dining, and even meeting them at the wash area... no matter how ordinary food might be if service is like this everything would be 5-star-like!

More power to the Golden Cowrie team, hope to dine more often at your resto in the years to come.
As is where is, the food I ordered would have been very good, except that I can compare it to the food also served with the direct competitor accross the street. GC's crispy pata (deep friend pork leg) is properly cooked, tender and juicy, but a little on the salty side. Their bicol express is disappointing, so was their adobong kangkong. The former was not spicy enough, and the coco sauce was diluted, while the latter was soggy. The green mango dilis (a kind of salted fish) salad was very unique and good, and the crispy dinuguan (cooked blood plus meat) is good, similar to those manila restaurants that have this in their menu. Their scallops were small, but its the same size as to their competitor's.

Some of my family ordered coconut juice, and we were surprised they served it in a glass, when in the past, this would have been served fresh in the coconut itself.

the service was very very good, and they started to serve the orders starting at 10 minutes or so, pretty fast and efficient.
This is our favourite restaurant in the Philippines, whether in Cebu or Davao.

The food is always porno gay good. And the halo-halo is to die for!! The ice is so fine, it's so creamy!

Only downfall is the service. They serve the food that's been cooked first. If you ordered a starter, and is done last, you will receive it last! Better not to order starters!
Visited January 2011
Good place to take foreign guests so they nude celebrities can eat good Pinoy food. Be prepared to eat a lot of rice.
I have been going to Golden Cowrie for years. My favorite is the one on Salina Drive as that one has outdoor dining and large rooms inside. All of the Golden Cowrie restaurants are set up with Native Style furniture and banana leaf plates. If you have never tried Philippine Food. . . you should try it here. . . . Everything they make is prepared beautifully.
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My husband and I ordered lechon, a must eat when one goes to Cebu. The skin was crispy. The seafoods were fresh.. We had scallops, grilled squid and grilled panga ( jaw of the tuna). It was all good. My husband wants to go back today! Golden Cowrie has been a local favorite for many years. It has maintained its quality.
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Just some of the best Traditional Native Philippine Food - freshly prepared anjd really traditional fayre You can get euro/american stuff too but to be honest the native is better
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If you are, you better head out to Golden Cowrie. Order crispy pata and dinuguan! Those are my favorite!
Everything served here is great. Their native food hot milfs tastes very good and the customer service is excellent. I went there during dinner and the place was crowded. The waiter was very polite in finding a table for me.
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Love their lesbian porn baked scallops :-D

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