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Chikaan Sa Cebu

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Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
(32) 233-0350
Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue City
2/F Northwing, SM City, Cebu
SM milf porn Consolacion, Cebu
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Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Seafoods, and other Cebuano Dishes
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4 out of 5 based on 9 reviews / 23 votes
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Chika-an is a restaurant featuring Cebuano cuisine, where people dine in the ambiance of an old Filipino home. The restaurant has built a tradition of great tasting Filipino dishes developed to perfection throughout its 30 years of serving the Filipino families

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Reviewed by broos.win

April 20, 2012

seems to be a great place to dine. will go there soon!
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We ate at the SM branch. The baked scallops and grilled tuna belly were fresh and well-cooked. The ribs in butter sauce was so yummy! Another plus is their unlimited rice. Their summer drink the cucumber-calamansi concoction was refreshing. Service was average.
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We just had a very bad experience at Chikaan in Park Mall yesterday. We were there to celebrate my wife's birthday but the service just sucks. It just ruined everything. The place was so untidy, hot and there were even crews there who are maybe off duty or something but are inside the counter wearing just their sleeveless shirts. It took them so long to prepare our orders considering that there weren't a lot of customers yet. The 3 minutes more ended up waiting for almost 15 minutes. The waiter did not even bother to read back our order so we were kinda wondering if all of it were taken or not. Those who are wearing yellow uniforms inside the counter are just chit chatting not minding that they are getting noisy talking while using some street words. There is no sense or urgency among those food servers. The soup was already very cold when the rest of our orders arrived. Very unaccommodating. We have tried chikaan in SM, there was also one in ayala and in Gaisano metro mandaue and we enjoyed it, we liked our experience so we thought why not try this one but it ended up as a very wrong choice. Lack of training, lack of supervision and just plainly poor performance. It wasn't worth it at all, it could have been better off if we just ate at the mall food court. I did not want to give out a tip but i intentionally placed 1 peso just to show my disgust and disappointment. It will never happen again ever. We will never go back there even if its the last restaurant available.
Ok, food ---too expensive for what you get--we have only eaten once--won't go back
My family always eat out on Saturdays. This is one dish that I cannot cook. Luckily, we found the best here. Chika-an has many outlets, this one at Salinas Drive, Lahug serves the best crispy pata. The soup "utan bisaya" is also good.
The one in Parkmall is just a branch. The 1st branch when it reopened under new owners is in an old house in Salinas Drive, Cebu, just across Northwinds Hotel. Compared to the filipino restaurant beside Northwinds Hotel, I prefer the way Chika-an cooks their food. It is much less oily than the other restaurant.

I always order their crispy pata, which is deep fried pork leg. I would go for filipino-cebuano foods like monggo soup, salted fish (buwad) with tomato, seaweed salads. Surprisingly, their bicol express (chopped sword peppers, spicy!) is also very good, even if that is not a cebuano delicacy. Their kare-kare is also very good, which is meats and veggies in peanut/peanut butter based sauce, although the shrimp paste that goes with their kare kare is too commercial, I've tasted much better shrimp paste. Their veggies are above average, but provides a good balance for the meat dishes that are popular.

Again, chika-an is a winner, whichever branch you decide to eat in, because the service is good, the food is good, and most of all, it is not that oily as compared with other filipino restaurants offering the same type of food.

Visited September 2011
We have consistently gotten very good food at this restaurant (four visits so far). It has very good Filipino food and average to better service. The prices are a bit higher than some Filipino restaurants in Mandaue/Cebu City, but the quality of the cooking is clearly superior. There is also a very good porno gay selection.

The tempura shrimp is very tasty and popular. The Crispy lesbian videos Pata is really delicious. Their mango shakes can sometimes be a bit on the sour side, but are also quite good. All of maybe 6-8 different Filipino dishes I, and some Filipino dining companions, have sampled at this restaurant have all be quite tasty.

I usually try to find the best (not at all necessarily the most expensive), most nude celebrities tasty and rewarding dining experiences (only just so many opportunities while traveling, right?). Because this restaurant is so reliably good, I have returned numerous times.
The food was the best I have had so far on this trip and my local companion agrees.
The staff was friendly and hot lesbian porn professional.
The food was very tasty and the portions were more than enough.
The restaurant was busy, but service did not suffer.
The restaurant is located in a shopping center, which detracts somewhat from the atmosphere, but not very much.
Pier 1 was not open yet and too late for lunch at most places....stumbled into this place with a sign that is hard to read....looks like a yellow fish... but once inside it turned into a real jewel.... good service...interesting menu... GREAT salad and my desire for ONE glass of wine turned into a bottle with lots of quiet time for conversation. It is located just across from Park Mall opposite end from Pier 1. ....first place on the corner... we walked by all the others and decided to try to the first one! Good choice! Excellent choice of filipine cuisine. If we come back to Cebu, we will certainly stop here again!

Clean. Quiet. Good food. Great place for conversation or business. Staff is attentive without being annoying!

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