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Amicos Pizza

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  • Western
Lahug, Cebu City
Talamban - 415-9696
Osmena - 412-6281
  • Cash
West style Pizza's
  • Delivery
4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews / 11 votes
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We chose a seafood pizza because we had a JCA meat pizza earlier that day. Seafood Safari tastes good, and I like it that I can pick out the shrimp and the squid if I wanted to. There are pizzas that claim to have certain ingredients but you end up wondering if they were there or not. This one pretty much had all the ingredients it claimed to have.

Amico’s also has white sauce pizzas with coleslaw… sounds interesting to me. I would definitely go back there soon to check out more of the choices – around 20 with all kinds of toppings from veggies to tuna and other seafood to beef and ham and sausages. Pizzas also come in regular 10″, family at 15″, and grande at 20″.
Payts ra baya ang iyang taste, dili lang gyud juicy kaayo ambot nabugnaw na siguro to. Since same price and same size sa Calda, adto nalang ka sa Calda IMO.

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