Miga Korean Restaurant

Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City
Date Added: April 27, 2012


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Cuisines: Korean
Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City
Contact Number(s): (+63) 32 238 3675


It's time to expand your horizons and give your taste buds a different kind of gastronomical delight. If you're looking to try something outside your comfort zone then Miga which is located in Lahug, is the place for you. Miga, though named after the Cebuano word for friend, is a purely Korean restaurant.

Most people may be afraid to venture into a restaurant whose sign is printed in an unreadable language but if you do, Miga will not disappoint. Although, the decor and setting are nothing special, the food will have you coming back for more. One of the best things about Korean food is that it is super healthy and super yummy at the same time.

For those of you who are new to Korean cuisine and are reluctant to try anything too adventurous, the �ssamgyupsal� or pork in bacon cut is perfect for you. A portable gas burner is set on your table and you cook the ssampgyupsal on the spot. For added flavors, spices such as garlic, onion and cayenne pepper are provided.

Once the pork is cooked, you can start digging in. The traditional way to eat it is to make �ssam� which translates into �wrapping.� Simply grab a fresh lettuce leaf and stack some rice, kimchi, raw garlic and onion, and ssamgyupsal dipped in samjjang or soybean paste. Wrap the lettuce over everything, egg roll style. If you can, cram the whole thing into your mouth and wait as a surprisingly good blend of flavors unfold. If you are feeling especially brave, chase everything down with a shot of soju, a vodka-like drink traditional to Korea. -Source: openrice.com

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I'm turning 26 this February, and inspired by the Korean Asia Prince Jang Geun Suk, I'm planning to celebrate my birthday this year in a Korean restaurant. Miga sounds good to me. I might consider going there on my birthday two weeks from now with some friends. =)

Reviewed on February 02, 2013


di man keu "authentic" korean taste..daghan mga koreans mo-kaon diha with their "girlfriends" May 01, 2011

Reviewed on May 09, 2012

Acceptably delicious

I can't really really compare it to "authentic" Korean food but ana akong Korean friends na lami ra daw.

Reviewed on May 09, 2012

epic meal

Samgyupsal + soju = epic meal

Reviewed on April 27, 2012

Super Worth it @ 300

unlimited sangyupsal + kimchichigae soup at 300 is super worth it! Visited February 2012

Reviewed on April 27, 2012

Super healthy and super yummy Smile

There are a lot of other fun dishes to try in Miga but they are especially popular for their ssamgyupsal.. For a mere P300, you can have all the ssamgyupsal you want. Rice, soup and unlimited side dishes such as pickled radish or baby potatoes are also included in the package. A thousand-peso bill also entitles you to an hour in their private videoke room where you can belt your heart out.

Reviewed on April 27, 2012

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