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Filipino Recipes

Filipino Recipes

Welcome to the Cebu Food Guide's Filipino Recipe page. We are listing here different Traditional Filipino Food recipes that are easy to cook while always having the pleasure to serve. Filipino recipes include mostly of vegetables, seafood, dairy, meat, rice, and other locally available ingredients. Our cuisine is greatly influenced by Chinese, European, American, Arab, as well as Asian.

When Spaniards colonized the Philippines, we already have our local cuisine consisted mostly of root crops, seafoods and vegetables. Back then, Filipino Recipes were always either roasted or boiled. It was the country's trade partners who brought us many kinds of spices and plants, and thus Filipino cuisine became a mixture of different countries and cultures. There are also many Filipino recipes in every region of the Philippines with each region having a unique specialty. In Cebu, we are known for our Lechon, humba, halang-halang and many others. Search and browse here for various Filipino Recipes and get to know the different tastes and colors of the Filipino Foods.

Enjoy and happy cooking!
Disclaimer: This is a compilation of recipes from various authors and sources. We do not own any of the entries posted in this blog unless specified. It is never our intention to infringe anyone's copyright. If you are any concerned author of any entry, please contact us with your specified concern and we'd be happy to attain to it. Thanks!

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TONG EAT'S Pandan Paradise
TONG EAT'S Pandan ParadiseKiosk/Stall19 October 2014
Red Kimono
Red KimonoRestaurant29 September 2014
Yuani's Lechon d Cebu
Yuani's Lechon d CebuRestaurant27 September 2014

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